« Il punto di vista dell’orecchio / The Ear’s Point of View »


in lo Squaderno,n°10, 2008, pp. 15-21

Once again, lo Squaderno ventures into a vast and intersectional domain of research, namely soundscapes. Without any pretence to exhaustiveness, we deem that the articles in this issue provide a series of original insights into different domains of soundscape research and action, ranging from the domestic sphere, through the artistic, the economic, the technological and the organisational, to the cultural and the political spheres. In other words, what we report here are just some samples of a larger dream.

We believe that soundscape research is thoroughly essential today, not only for space and society studies and urban studies, but also for the practices of resistance and the possibilities of invention of new socio-technical and political patterns of coexistence. Studying soundscapes not only enhances our sensibility to the material and sensorial aspects of the social domain, it also enlarges our conception of such domain and its dimensions, and enable us to capture invisible connections and imagine new link

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