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« Lucrative Coercions. The Carioca "Cultural Landscape" as a construction of Heritage determined by sustainable development »


In Newman, C., Nussaume, Y., Pedroli, B. (dir.), Landscape & Imagination : towards a new baseline for education in a changing world, actes de la conférence. Paris, 2013, pp. 133-136

“Rio + 20” 2012 / “Football World” Cup 2014 / “Summer Olympics Games” 2016. Rio de Janeiro, guest city of these events, is a real laboratory for new territorial and town planning policies. In this context, the submission of the city to the UNESCO World Heritage List as a “Cultural Landscape” brings questions not only related to landscape and heritage but also about territorial management and governance on the ongoing transformation of the city. The leader of this application has redefined the notion of “Cultural Landscape” regarding local characteristics and established the tools for the management of the Heritage topic according to premises on sustainable development and economic progress. This paper focuses on the articulation and reciprocity of notions such as landscape, heritage and sustainable development in the carioca territorial context ; it is a unique chance to observe the implementation of these concepts and their semantic and ideological configuration.

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