The Culture of Ethics


Piero Zanini, Franco La Cecla
éditions Prickly Paradigm Press (University of Chicago), traduit par Lydia G. Cochrane, états unis, 2013, 119 p.

What is ethics ? Is it a system of transcendent moral imperatives or can it be produced by ordinary people in everyday life ? Do the daily rules of interaction constitute a code of ethics ? In The Culture of Ethics, renowned anthropologists Franco La Cecla and Piero Zanini address these questions in a series of thought-provoking reflections that draw their inspiration from diverse sources, ranging from fieldwork in Papua New Guinea to cinematic depictions of the Ten Commandments. An engaging and accessible contribution to the emerging area of interest in ordinary ethics. The Culture of Ethics explores what anthropology has to offer on the question of how we ought to live.

Franco La Cecla is an anthropologist and architect who has taught in Milan, Venice, Palermo, Barcelona, and Paris.

Piero Zanini is a senior researcher at the Laboratoire Architecture Anthropologie de l¹École Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture de Paris-La-Villette.